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 Mount Damavand guided ski tour

Damavand winter guided tour

Forth camp ended, 25 alpinists are looking forwards to the results

The fourth stage of selection process to gather a national expedition for a Himalayan 8000ers next spring, finished on Friday, 18th of December.
According to Pouria Parchami, 3 mountaineers out of 28 invited people to third camp, which was carried out on North face of Mt. Damavand were omitted and 25 alpinists invited for the fourth one. this camp was started on Wednesday, December 16th, when mountaineers set out toward "Heram" and "Kasra" peaks respectively with 4530 and 4505 m height in SW side of Mt. Sabalan to show their mountaineering abilities under the supervision of Mohammad –Hasan Najarian, Jalal Cheshmeh-Ghasabani, Azim Gheychi-Saz and Hamid Naseri.

IMZ News Department
December 19, 2009

Latest News from sport climbing in Tehran

Tehran’s Council of Sport Climbing and Mountaineering is going to hold an entrance test and a training course for enthusiastic sport climbers.
According to council’s official website, the training course pertains to those interests in being certified level-3 referee of sport climbing and will be held on December 31st and January 1st.
Also, those who interests in level-3 instructor’s certification, should attend the entrance test that will be carried out on Saturday, 19th of December.

IMZ News Department
December 17, 2009

Alpine Club of Iran recalls old days of Iran’s mountaineering

Public Meeting of API

The eighty third public meeting of Iran’s Alpine Club will be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, December 16th in "Shahriaran Javan" hall at Tehran’s downtown.
According to ACI’s official website, latest news of mountains and mountaineering from all over the world will be presented at the beginning. Afterwards, Navid Azimi and Ehsan Partovi-Nia will give a comprehensive report of their attempt to open the inchoate route of the name "Karajiha" on northern wall of Mt. Alam-Kouh that organized during last summer.
The final part of 83rd meeting will be carried out in memorial of late "Ali Asghar Amin-Nia", who along with Mehdi Lotfi the first Iranians were going for a Himalayan Peak. They summited Mt. Kulhi with 6600 m height in Kashmir region in 1962.

IMZ News Department
December 15, 2009

Saeid Jaryani won the 5th round of Tehran’s climbing league

Competitors of Tehran's Climbing League

Hosted by "Chahar-Dangeh" climbing gym in south west of Tehran, the fifth round of second climbing league of Tehran was held on Friday, 11th of December.
"It was the 5th time that climbers from 9 climbing club of Tehran were competing to push their team’s rank in the final table of second league of Tehran. The comps started on a 5.12b route, where we had more than one champion at the end. So another route was designed with difficulty grade of 5.12d for those, who had gotten the first rank in the first stage. We called it "super-final" stage, where duration is recorded too. Eventually, Saeid Jaryani from "Davoudi" club won the first prize and followed by Artimes Farshad-Yeganeh and Masoud Ghasemi both from "Tarbiat Modares" university’s climbing gym," told member of league’s executive board, Mohammad Tabibi.
He added: "Tehran’s climbing league was set in last June for the first time in Iran’s indoor climbing history and in a period of 3 months, "Tarbiat Modares" university’s club stood on top. Following them, "Davoudi", "Ghianouri" and "Ararat" clubs were ranked 2nd to last. Afterwards, we received requests from 9 clubs demanding for immediate second league. There was enough time till the end of solar year, therefore second league started in late September, 2009, where those four teams along with "Chahar-Dangeh", "Espilat", "Hemmat Shemiran", "Islam-shahr" and "Pars-e-Shemiran" clubs , each composed of 5 main and 5 reserve competitors are the attendees. Up to now, "Tarbiat Modares", "Davoudi", "ghianouri" and "Hemat Shemiran" are the top four teams."
It is worth noting, Mohammad Tabibi, Goudarz Nategh, Majid Eskandari, Mahmoud Mohammad-Hasan-Zadeh and Artimes Farshad-Yeganeh are members of league’s executive board.

IMZ News Department
December 15, 2009

The third selection camp called off before the preset time

Mountain Ceremony, 2009

The third camp of national expedition’s gathering process that was started on Wednesday, December 2nd, was called off one day earlier due to extreme weather condition.
"On Wednesday, in the evening, there were twenty six alpinists among 28 invited candidates plus four instructors in "Polour" sporting complex at the southern foot of Mt. Damavand. Next morning, we left "Polour" toward "Nandal" village at the northern side of the mountain and started going up. Staying one night in the way up around 4000 m, we push the 5671m summit of Damavand on Friday’s morning. The weather was so cold and the wind was going to be tougher, so that supervisory team decided to stop the expedition, when it was approximately around 5100m and returned back to the village," told expedition leader, Pouria Perchami.
Pouria Added: "The extreme weather condition in that altitude helped instructors to make up their mind and their lists will be announced in coming days."
Puria and Omid Amohammadi from Tehran province along with Hussain Amani and Mehdi Amidi from Khorasan Razavi province were members of the supervisory team.

IMZ News Department
December 10, 2009

"Mountain Ceremony" in International Mountain Day 2009

Mountain Ceremony, 2009

In order to mark December 11, International Mountain Day, Alpine Club of Iran will hold "Mountain Ceremony" in "Ararat" club of Tehran tomorrow in the evening.
"This is just a gathering for mountaineers to meet each other and revive their allegiance in protecting mountains environment. Besides, Mohammad Darvish as a member of scientific board in Forests and Pastures researches Institute will give a lecture on the theme of "Disaster Risk Management in Mountains". He will talk about the disasters caused by destroying mountains environments," Told API’s president, Abbaas Mohammadi.
According to Mohammadi, some photos by Late Iranian echo-tourism expert, Abbas Jafari will be exhibited in this ceremony.
In addition to Ararat Sports and Culture Club, Tehran’s Council of Mountaineering will cooperate with API in this ceremony.

IMZ News Department
December 10, 2009

"Iran Mountain Zone" will attend the 2nd "Mountain Festival"

Iran Mountain Zone

"Iran Mountain Zone" will participate in the 2nd "Mountain Festival", which is going to be held from tomorrow to celebrate International Mountain Day 2009.
"IMZ" as the directory of Iran Mountains and Mountaineering was established seven years ago in the UN International Year of Mountains. Since then, it has been the only bilingual domestic website to document information about Iran’s mountains and Iranian’s mountaineering all over the world.
Enthusiastic people could visit us in the exhibition located nearby "Melal" Culture Hall in "Gheytariye" garden from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the time that festival is on.

IMZ News Department
December 8, 2009

A festival to celebrate International Mountain Day 2009

Mountain Festival, 2009

Mountain Environment Protection Society (MEPS) in cooperation with Tehran’s city council will hold "Mountain Festival" from December 9th to 11th to celebrate International Mountain Day 2009.
"After the UN International Year of Mountains in 2002, its general assembly has designated 11th of December as an "International Mountain Day" from 2003 onward to raise public awareness of mountains environment and its influence on life. As in other countries, mountains protection society in Iran follows up to International Mountain Day with a few celebrations and one of them is "Mountain Festival", which started last year," Said festival’s secretary, Shahnam Jabbari.
According to Shahnam, the beginning program of the festival is specialist’s meeting about "Disaster Risk Management in Mountains", which is the theme for International Mountain Day 2009. This congress will be held on Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 12, in "Melal" culture hall located inside "gheytariye" garden, north of Tehran.
"Sustainable development of mountainous region is one of the purposes declared in the UN International Year of Mountains. Therefore, a small exhibition composed of a few domestic echo-tourism companies beside a few companies providing outdoor equipments will be held during this 3-day festival from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.," Shahnam added.

IMZ News Department
December 3, 2009

Iran hosted 2010 Asian Youth Climbing Championship

Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation of Iran was officiated as host of 2010 Asian youth Climbing Championship.
According to MFI’s official website, during the annual commission meeting of International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) that was held from November 20th to 22th in Barcelona, Iran was chosen as Asian Youth climbers host in 2010, where Asian climbing’s top countries such as Japan and South Korea were also candidatures.
It’s worth saying that Iranian member of IFSC’s rules and events commission and the vice president of Asia’s Climbing Federation, Homayoun Bakhtiari was MFI’s representative in that gathering.

IMZ News Department
December 3, 2009

Third stage of selection process for men’s national expeditions

The third stage of team building process for men’s national mountaineering expeditions will start on Wednesday, December 2nd on Mt. Damavand.
"After the assessment held by instructors of second camp, 28 mountaineers of that camp’s attendees were picked up to undergo a four-day serious mountaineering atmosphere on the north face of Iran’s highest mountain. These men are invited from west Azerbaijan, Ardebil, Isfahan, Tehran, Khorasan Razavi, Zanjan, Fars, Kurdistan, Kerman, Kermanshah, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Lorestan and Hamedan provinces," Said head of high mountains committee of MFI, Pouria Parchami.
According to his report, beside high altitude conditions of Damavand’s north side, its extreme weather during cold seasons offers a proper situation to separate skillful mountaineers.

IMZ News Department
November 30, 2009

Call for cooperation in "Notification and Prevention of Mountain Hazards" project

Mountaineering and Sport Climbing council of Tehran province invited heads of all mountaineering clubs and groups of the province to take part in planning session of "Notification and Prevention of Mountain Hazards" project.
Beside other seasons, NPMH is mainly carried out from late autumn to early spring to give vital information to enthusiastic people, who spent their leisure in mountains of Tehran’s north side. This project has been started since 2007 within cooperation between Tehran’s council of Mountaineering and related clubs, which has affected people’s sight in winter mountaineering and reducing mountain hazards.
This session will be held on Wednesday, 25th of November in council’s office.

IMZ News Department
November 23, 2009

Second selection camp was held in Sabalan region

The 2nd stage of assembling national 2010 Himalaya and Karakoram expeditions was done in Sabalan region, from 10th to 13th November.
"This camp was a gathering of 36 climbers, who interested in being a member of national expeditions plus 4 instructors. The first day was dedicated to reviewing glacier and Ice climbing techniques at the foot of northern glacier of Mt. Sabalan. Afterwards, 34 of all managed to completely climb the 600m glacier and returned back to their camps for the remaining days, which was spent for 4332m summit of " Yarpakh-Daghi" in the NW shoulder of Sabalan’s summit and leaving the region, " told camp manager, Reza Zareei.
According to him, the instructors will finalize admitted mountaineers’ list in coming days.

IMZ News Department
November 19, 2009

Thirty attendees in 2nd superior rock climbing festival

One of Karkouh Canyon's walls

The 2nd superior rock climbing festival opened in Mahdi-Shahr city, north east of Semnan province on Tuesday, 17th of November.
"Thirty climbers are here from cities of Tehran, Arak, Khoram-Abad, Semnan, Ghorveh, Ghazvin, Karaj and Mahdi-Shahr and two French guys as "GHM" representatives. They have all come here just for big wall climbing, and bouldering and sport climbing lists are left void. However, on the first day only 10 attendees climbed a few pitches on a vertical and somehow overhanging, conglomeratic wall in "Karkouh" canyon," Said festival manager, Farnoush Raeisi.
According to Farnoush, Francois Bernard and Antoine Cayrol presented some of their activities in fields of alpine climbing, big wall climbing and surveying poles last evening.

IMZ News Department
November 18, 2009

Two courses to upgrade sport climbing instructors

Sport climbing committee of MFI is going to hold two training courses to upgrade its level-3 male and female instructors.
According to MFI’s official Website, these courses will be held in "Polour " sporting complex from December 14th to 18th and participation is allowable just for those level-3 climbers, who have passed the entrance test of Level 2 in last October.
It is worth saying; women’s course will be carried out for the first time.

IMZ News Department
November 16, 2009

Story of earth’s 3 poles survey in 2nd superior rock climbing festival

The Second Superior Rock Climbing Festival

Francois Bernard along with Antoine Cayrol will talk about their expeditions to 3 poles of the earth, while second superior rock climbing festival is on.
According to alpine club of Iran, these two climbers are representatives of French "GHM" organization in second superior rock climbing festival, which is planned to be a gathering of anyone interests in any style of rock climbing to open new routes on rocks and walls of "Karkouh" canyon. French climbers are going to give a complete conference on their ascent to Mt. Everest and their visit to Arctic and Antarctic, which are assumed as three poles of earth planet.
It is worth noting, these two French guys are well experienced in alpine climbing all over the world.

IMZ News Department
November 15, 2009

Final results of men’s lead competitions

Men's Lead competitions

Holding final comps in lead climbing during November 12th and 13th , the 10th Men’s National Climbing Championship finished.
"Lead comps were hold in three groups of youth A, youth B and juniors. In group of youth A, where comps were started on a 5.12c route and finalized on a 5.12d one, Alireza Amirian, Saeed Hemmati and Ahmad-Reza Solgi respectively from Khuzestan, Khorasan Razavi and Hamedan provinces took three first prizes among 27 attendees from 27 provinces. On the same wall with same routes, Khosrow Hashem-Zadeh from Khorasan Razavi won first prize among 22 climbers of youth B group, and followed by Amin Zafar from Khorasan Jonoobi and Reza Kola-Sangian from Isfahan. Last competitions were among junior male climbers, where famous Zanjani climber, Davoud Rekabi successfully defended his title as national team’s member and won the first prize. Following Davoud, Gholam-Ali Barat-Zadeh from Khorasan Razavi and Amir-Hamzeh Pour-Shafi from Kermanshah got to second and third places. Jounior climbers were qualified on a 5.12c route and their semi-final and final comps were held on two different routes with difficulty grade of 5.12d and 5.13bc," said manager of Championship, Mohammad Tabibi.
Reporting about team results, Mohammad said: "Teams of Khorasan Razavi, Isfahan and Zanjan provinces respectively attained three first medals among 27 teams in lead climbing."
Men's Lead competitions It is worth saying that; Artimes Farshad-Yeganeh from Tehran was the head of route designer team composed of Kamran Ali-Akbari from Fars, Saeed Marandi from Isfahan and Safa Hashemian from Ghazvin. Also, led by Babak Zia from Tehran, Alireza Karim from Semnan, Sina rostami and Behrang Babaei from Gilan, Masoud Zeynali and Majid Eskandari from Tehran and Beytollah Siraei from Karaj were members of referee team during this championship.

IMZ News Department
November 14, 2009

Mohammad Jafari; Winner of men’s bouldering

Men's Bouldering competitions

After two days of hot comps in men’s bouldering at 10th National Rock Climbing Championship, Mohammad Jafari from Kerman province won the first prize.
"Champ was opened in the morning on Tuesday, 10th of November. Fifty two climbers from 19 provinces were registered to compete in bouldering’s qualification that was held on five different routes in the evening. Afterwards, both of Semi-final and final rounds were carried out on 4 different routes with 20 and 6 attendees, which was resulted in Mohammad Jafari’s championship. Following Mohammad, his townsman Behzad Ferdowsi-Pour and Hamid-Reza Touzand-e-Jani from Khorasan-e-Razavi took second and third places," said manager of championship, Mohammad Tabibi.
According to him, three first places in bouldering’s team result were achieved by Kerman, Khorasan-e-Razavi and Hamedan provinces.

IMZ News Department
November 14, 2009

The 10th National Climbing Championship in men’s category

The 10<sup>th</sup> National Climbing Championship in men’s category

Having gone by 3 weeks after women’s championship, men’s turn to compete in the 10th National Climbing Championship starts on November 10th in "Polour" sporting complex at southern foot of Mt. Damavand.
"This champ will proceed in two categories of bouldering and lead climbing for four days. The first two days is assigned to bouldering that is an open competition among all participants. Immediately after bouldering’s final, lead comps will begin separately in three groups of junior, youth A and youth B," Said MFI’s sport climbing committee head, Mehdi Davar-Pour.
According to MFI’s circular, each of thirty provinces is allowed to have 3 representatives in Bouldering, 2 in junior’s Lead and 2 in youth’s Lead.

IMZ News Department
November 9, 2009

Four workshops planned for second superior rock climbing festival

Four workshops is planned to be held during four-day festival of rock climbing from 17th to 21st of November in Kar-kouh canyon of Semnan province.
"Beside climbers’ attempt to open new sport and multi-pitch routes, festival’s organizers have planned four workshops about topics of descending systems, route’s sketch, clean climbing and incident command system (ICS) in big walls," Said festival manager, Farnoush Raeisi.
According to her, Hasan Gerami has been validated as technical authority of this festival.

IMZ News Department
November 7, 2009

IAC’s general assembly on Wednesday, November 11th

West Wall and West CWM of Mt. Alam-Kouh

The general assembly of Iran’s Alpine Club, which has been held annually since 1999 will be held on Wednesday, November 11th in the evening.
"Based on 16th clause of IAC’s statute, general assembly is assumed to be held annually in mid November. However in this year’s assembly, after a general report by IAC’s president, Behzad Torkashvand and Zaabiholah Hamidi are going to give their reports about last year’s turnover as IAC’s warden and bursar. The last program of the assembly is an election, where IAC’s members will vote to elect a new warden for the coming year," told IAC’s president, Abbaas Mohammadi.
After those official reports, there will be an exciting program, where Hussain Boland-Akhtar will report a new route attempt on the west face of Mt. Alam-Kouh that was done in September, 2008.

IMZ News Department
November 5, 2009

A ceremony to remember Abbas Jafari

A ceremony to remember Abbas Jafari

"Tabiat" Institute of Tehran will hold a ceremony to remember famous Iranian Adventure Journalist, Abbas Jafari, who has been vanished in Nepal Last September. Abbas was at rafting in Trishuli River on September 7th, when suddenly his kayak capsized and he went missing. His wife, Farkhondeh Sadegh along with a large team ran an abortive search operation for a few weeks.
This ceremony will be performed from 17:00 to 20:00 on November 13th at "Paydari" culture hall of Tehran.

IMZ News Department
November 2, 2009

"What we did in Karakoram last summer?" Tehran mountaineers describe

Tehrani Karakoram summiteers' gathering

The second gathering of Karakoram summiteers of Tehran province will be held in "Bahman" cultural hall from 16:30 to 21:00 on Wednesday, October 28.
According to official website of Tehran’s Mountaineering Council, during this meeting, Tehrani male and female alpinists will give a report of their ascents on Gasherbrum II and Spantik in Karakoram Range.
It is also considered a chance for Arash Mountaineers to report their new route attempt on BroadPeak’s SW side during last summer.

IMZ News Department
October 26, 2009

Final results of the 10th Women’s National Climbing Championship

Holding final comps in lead climbing, the 10th Women’s National Climbing Championship finished in evening of Friday, 23rd of October.
"Lead comps were hold in three groups of youth A, youth B and adults. In group of youth A, where comps were started on a 5.10a route and finalized on a 5.11a one, Fatemeh Jafari, Samira Soheili and Fa’ezeh Yeganegi respectively from Kerman, Isfahan and Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari provinces took three first prizes among 13 climbers. On the same wall with same routes, Arghavan Sedaghat-Kish from Gilan won first prize among 13 climbers of youth B group, and followed by Sayeh Tajalli-Zadeh from Kerman and Malihe Baylar from Khorasan Razavi. Last competitions were among junior female climbers, where famous Zanjani climber, Elnaz Rekabi successfully defended her title as national team’s member and won the first prize. Following Elnaz, Fatemeh Soleimani from Hamedan and Fatemeh Meghdadi from Khorasan Razavi got to second and third places. Adults comps were held on a 5.11a route in qualification stage and a 5.11d one during final comps," said manager of Championship, Malihe Yek-Kalam.
Talking about team results, she said: "Three first places in final team results of bouldering were caught by Tehran, Kerman and Zanjan provinces, where 18 climbers participated from 6 provinces. Also same conclusion was developed for lead, where in youth A group; Kerman, Isfahan and Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari provinces, in youth B group; Gilan, Kerman and Khorasan Razavi provinces again and in junior group; Zanjan, Tehran and Khorasan Razavi lined up at the at top of 13 teams in each group."
It is worth saying that; Akbar Sabet Kar from Hamedan was the route designer and Tayebeh Azarshin from Kerman along with Mozhgan Ziari from Ghazvin and Monir-o-Sadat Mousavi from Hamedan were members of referee team of this championship.

IMZ News Department
October 26, 2009

Nasrin Abdolrahimi; Winner of females’ bouldering

Bouldering competitions at 10th National Climbing Championship in female’s category came to the end on Wednesday 21st of October.
According to MFI’s official website, Bouldering comps were held among 14 climbers, where Nasrin Abdolrahimi from Tehran won the first prize and followed respectively by Negar Varshochi from Hamedan and Farnaz Esmaeil-Zadeh from Zanjan.
It is worth noting that, lead comps have been started since this morning.

IMZ News Department
October 22, 2009

Second selection camp will be held on Mt. Sabalan

Holding first stage in middle Alborz, second stage of selection process to gather national expeditions will be carried out on Mt. Sabalan (4811 m) during November 10 th to 13th.
"First stage of selection was designed to put physical strength of alpinists to test in a long trekking from Mt. Koloun Bastak to Mt. Kholeno. They were 41 mountaineers, who were monitored by Hamid Olanj and 39 mountaineers were picked up for the next stage." Reza Zareei, MFI’s head of Mountaineering Committee told IMZ News.
Reza beside Hamid Naseri, Behnam Jodaeian and Mahmoud Mir-Nouri are instructors of coming stage. In addition to training, instructors will check them, while climbing northern glacier of Mt. Sabalan.

IMZ News Department
October 22, 2009

October’s meeting of Iran’s Alpine Club on the theme of "Mountain Hazards"

The eighty first monthly meeting of IAC will be held this evening, when lecturers with various standpoints are going to talk about "Mountain Hazards" that have happened to Iranian alpinists during recent years.
According to club’s announcement, Hamid Mosaeidian, member of both UIAA anti-doping committee and Iran’s Mountain Medicine Association, Davoud Mohammadi-Far, author of "Iran’s Mountaineering and Caving History" and Majid Sabet Zadeh, who is an experienced search and rescue man at "Friends of Yosemite Search and Rescue" will respectively give their viewpoints on this subject.
Based on meeting’s scheduling, the end program of this gathering is dedicated to a report by "Qajar" mountaineering group of Kurdistan province, who were in Mt. Nanga-Parbat searching for their missed friend "Saman Nemati". Saman was a member of an expedition of 7 Iranian alpinists, who was missed during summit push in July 2008.

IMZ News Department
October 21, 2009

Iran’s female climbers start for 10th National Championship tomorrow

The 10th National Championship of sport climbing for females in two categories of Bouldering and Lead will begin in "Polour" sporting complex at southern foot of Mt. Damavand on Tuesday, 20th of October.
Mehdi Davar-Pour, head of sport climbing committee of MFI said to IMZ News: "After opening ceremony and registration regularities, competitions will start in bouldering ’s qualification stage and it is planned to carry out semi final and final stages on Wednesday. The last two days are dedicated to lead comps, which will be performed separately for youth and adult climbers."
"Polour complex’s competition wall is not adapted to international standards in speed category; therefore speed is omitted from the list of competitions." Davar-Pour added.
According to Davar-Pour, National Championship is one of the opportunities to pick up climbers for national teams.

IMZ News Department
October 19, 2009

Iranian-polish caving expedition came to the end

Joint expedition of Iranian and polish cavers, who were about detecting new caves in western Iran from October 5th, finished their attempt on Friday, 16th of October.
Expedition leader, Amir Hussain Jaber-Ansari, who is also the head of caving department in MFI said to IMZ News: "We surveyed Zagros Range from Kamyaran city in south side of Kurdistan province to Kermanshah and Lorestan provinces for any underground cavity. The first half of the expedition was spent around "Parau" region in Kermanshah and twenty small pits were detected. Afterwards, we moved to "Paveh", in west side of Kermanshah and managed to survey three single-shaft caves, which has respectively 137m, 120m and 20m length. They are assumed as deepest ones in single-shaft class."
"A good caver must be a good speleologist too. It is the matter that we learned during our cooperation with polish cavers. So, in caving department of MFI, we should push our efforts not only to improve cavers’ technical skills, but also to develop our studies in every aspects of speleology. It is the manner that we could train more qualified cavers in our country." Jaber-Ansari told IMZ.
It is worth saying that, two separate groups; each included seven Iranian cavers accompanied polish cavers in each half of expedition’s duration.
Polish part of expedition included 5 professional cavers led by Andrzej Ciszewski left Iran on Sunday, 18th of October.

IMZ News Department
October 19, 2009

Mountain’s meteorology course again

"Culture and Environment" department of Tehran’s Mountaineering Council is going to hold a training course about mountain’s meteorology on 16th and 18th of November.
Jafar Sepehri, the instructor of this course will talk about atmosphere combination, weather temperature and pressure, clouds and winds in mountain, lightening and fronts. He will also give a few more keys to recognize weather condition in tropical mountains like mountains in the north coast of Persian Gulf and Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Prior to Tehran Council, Iran’s Alpine Club had carried out same course in Last August.

IMZ News Department
October 14, 2009

Jende Peal; Second hut equipped with clean energy in Iran

Jendeh Peal hut Equipped with clean energy, "Jende Peal" hut below the summit of Mt. Bezd in Iran’s NE side near "Torbat-e-Jaam" city was inaugurated on October 2nd with an investment of approximately 18000$. There is another hut lower than "Jende Peal" at the bottom of "Bezd".
Simorgh hut According to IREN, to take use of Bezd’s windy characteristic, a wind turbine joint with an electricity generator is placed next to the hut to provide electricity for illumination of hut’s inside and outside beside feasibility of charging cell ’s battery. Bezd is located in such a windy region with smooth slopes that except mountaineering and rock climbing it offers opportunity for gliding.
It is worth saying that, "Jende Peal" is a nickname for Iranian theosophist, "Sheikh Ahmad Jaam", who was alive during late 5th and early 6 th centuries of solar calendar.
It is the second time that a mountain hut is equipped with environmentally clean source of energy in Iran. The first record is goes back to 2005, when solar panels were fixed on the roof of "Simorgh" hut on west side of Mt. Damavand. Both projects are funded with private investments.

IMZ News Department
October 13, 2009

Two courses to train fresh trekking instructors

Trekking Committee of MFI is going to hold two courses in order to train 63 mountaineers to be fresh trekking instructors in men’s and women’s category.
Holding entrance tests in Mid-September, 36 men out of 39 beside 27 women out of 28 were permitted to participate in final course of preparing Level-3 instructors. It’s worth noting that, those who pass the final course are allowed to hold elementary courses of trekking.
As scheduled, men’s course will start on October 18th in mountainous regions around Kelardasht city of Mazandaran province and will last for five days, whereas women’s course in same place with same length starts on October 25th .

IMZ News Department
October 12, 2009

A student died in a trekking program again

A team of female students from Iran University of Science and Technology, who were at a trekking program on the slopes near "Eagol" village in "Lavasanat " district in north side of Tehran trapped in a horrible event and lost one of its members.
The team was at a rest in the base part of "Eagol" water fall, when a rock fallen from the top struck one of the members mentioned "Maryam Karimi" and unfortunately caused her to die.
They were more than sixty students, who went for a trekking as IUST’s female mountaineers group on Friday, October 9th.

IMZ News Department
October 10, 2009

National festival of new sport routes in Kerman was called off

The first national festival of opening new routes for sport climbing, which has been determined to hold on October 7th to 9th, was canceled.
Going after the matter, we at IMZ News Department talked to Iran-Manesh and Mehdi Davarpour, who were in charge of that festival.
Iran-Manesh, the secretary at both sport climbing committee of MFI and Kerman’s council of mountaineering told IMZ News: "This festival had been designed by cooperation of Kerman’s council with MFI’s sport climbing committee. In order to attend this event, each province’s sport climbing council should send a list of climbers to MFI up to September 6th, but they didn’t do. Therefore, in late September, the festival was called off.
Davarpour, head of sport climbing committee at MFI admitted Iran-Manesh’s words and added: "That festival was planned to be held in two categories of sport routes design and sport routes opening regarding environment protection. Also we had invited two experienced Turkish sport climbers, but receiving no list of domestic climbers up to the deadline caused us to postpone the event to another opportunity.

IMZ News Department
October 8, 2009

A different style for second superior festival of rock climbing

Karkouh Wall Second superior festival of rock climbing will held between 17th and 20 th of November in "Karkouh" canyon in the north side of Semnan Province.
Head of public relation department of Iran’s Alpine Club said: "This festival is the result of IAC’s call for big walls detection in last July. Karkouh canyon’s offers various types of climbing, so that festival is open to everyone interests in sport climbing, bouldering and big wall climbing."
"Late in 2007, IAC carried out the first festival as a training class, whose instructors were invited form French alpinism organization of "GHM", but this time we have chosen a different style by encouraging climbers to open new route on virgin rocks and walls." Abbaas Sabetian added.
According to Sabetian, two members of "GHM" will attend this festival to expand mutual collaborations between IAC and GHM.

IMZ News Department
October 7, 2009

Renewing selection process to gather national expeditions

Mountaineering and Sport climbing Federation of Iran is going to restart its selection process to gather national expeditions after one year interval.
This selection will result in two expeditions for two separate attempts on high mountains in Himalayas and Karakoram in 2010. Therefore mountaineers from all over the country has been called to test their chances in this process.
According to Federation’s announcement, first stage of this selection process will held from October 14th to 16th in middle Alborz region.

IMZ News Department
October 6, 2009

Polish caving expedition is coming to Iran

After Iranian cavers’ participation in a training camp in Poland during last May, it is Polish Mountaineering Federation’s turn to detach its expedition toward Iran to develop mutual collaborations in caving category.
Led by Andrzej Ciszewski, five polish cavers will arrive in Tehran in a few hours. Andrzej is a well-known caver for his several caving activities all over the world besides his leadership in surveying project of "Lamprechtsofen" cave in Austria, which is known as third deepest cave in the world nowadays. His last visit to Iran goes back to 1972, when a polish expedition had come to survey "Parau" cave in Kermanshah.
The polish expedition aims to detect and survey virgin caves around "Zagros" range and Kermanshah throughout a 14-day program.
As reported by Iran’s Mountaineering Federation, two groups of Iranian cavers will accompany polish team to expand their technical skills, which will be of great benefit for Iran’s caving.

IMZ News Department
October 5, 2009

Iranians will participate in The UIAA General Assembly 2009

The UIAA General Assembly 2009

The UIAA General Assembly, which is held annually in one of member countries, will be carried out from October 6th to 11th in Porto, Portugal.
According to Portuguese organizer, a symposium entitled "Mountains: Today and Tomorrow" is considered as the opening program of this meeting, which will be held in "Peneda" national Park.
The remaining days of this event will be dedicated to sessions of management committee, general assembly and commission presidents with UIAA president. Also enthusiastic participants will give lectures in celebration of The UIAA Tyrol Declaration on Friday, 9th of October.
Reported by Iran’s Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Federation’s official Website, Mahmoud Shoaei, the president along with Mikaeil Morovati, Reza Zareei and Homayoun Bakhtiari will join this meeting as Iran’s mountaineering representatives.

IMZ News Department
October 2, 2009

Band-e-Yakhchal region got rid of junks

Environmentalists at cleaning Band-d-Yakhchal

In order to mark the day for mountain’s environment cleanness, climbers and environmentalists of Tehran city spent 24th and 25th of September picking junks from Band-e-Yakhchal region. Band-e-Yakhchal is name of a location in south slopes of Mt. Tochal in Tehran’s north side, which is considered as a nearest and most attractive place for city’s rock climbers.
In this event that organized by Iran’s Alpine Club, waste materials were collected from "Shervin" hut in the upper part of the region to woodland at the foot of "Band" and transferred outside.
Twenty sixth day of September has been determined by Iran"s Mountaineering Federation as a day for cleaning mountain’s environments since 1988. In the nearest holiday to September, 26th, mountaineers from all over the country usually devote their time to clean mountain’s environment in their surroundings.

IMZ News Department
September 30, 2009

Iranian cavers to explain about training course in Poland

Caving training course report

Iranian caving instructors are going to give a complete report of a 1-month training camp, which they attended in Poland during last May.
Amir Hussian Jaber-Ansari, Alireza Bolaghi, Vahid Masdari, Peyman Yavari and Masoud Hamidi were members of that expedition, who were picked up among Iran’s caving Instructors by Mountaineering Federation.
This presentation will be held on Monday, September 28th in "Shahid Ghandi" saloon located in "Shariati" street of Tehran.

IMZ News Department
September 27, 2009

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