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Mt. Damavand guided tours

Ahwaz to host the 11th Fajr Climbing Championship

Ahwaz in Khuzestan province will host the 11th Fajr Climbing Championship in the end of next February.
According to MSCFI, this championship will be executed in men and women categories with separate Speed, Lead and Bouldering competitions. It is an open championship, where each province could take part with 7 men and 7 women.
Fajr Championships are repeated each year for various types of sports to mark Islamic revolution.

IMZ News Department
December 20, 2010

Statute of Tehran climbing league submitted to official organizations

The statute of Tehran climbing league made by elites of sport climbing in Tehran province was submitted to Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation and also Sport Organization of Tehran on December 19th.
A board of seven people under the supervision of Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran put their efforts during last three months to write down the guidelines of Tehran climbing league. Now they are waiting for MSCFI and SOT to officially approve this statute.
"I hope no correction will need to be made on this statute. However, after we receive the approval, an executing board will be elected to hold Tehran’s first climbing league. I wish to achieve this goal by May, 2011," said MSCCT’s president, Kaveh Kashefi.
It is worth saying that, two climbing tournaments were held in Tehran by a group of volunteers last year. Although they were not officially approved, those events caused a movement in climbers’ society to start regular climbing competitions 2 decades after sport climbing coming to Iran.

IMZ News Department
December 19, 2010

The 4th biennial of Mountain Logs postponed

After one month silence on 4th biennial of mountain logs, Alpine Club of Iran announced that it is postponed to next February.
"Mountain logs biennial should have been executed last November, but we couldn’t manage to handle it because of lack of time. However 45 logs in the form of written documents and 40 films has been submitted yet, whereas enthusiasts still has time to send their reports. Submission deadline has been extended to January 5," told festival’s new secretary, Erfan Fekri.
Erfan Fekri has been recently replaced Kabveh Ashkeshi after his resignation.

IMZ News Department
December 18, 2010

Leila Esfandyari reports her K2 attempt in ACI’s December meeting

94th meeting of Alpine Club of Iran will be held from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on December 22nd at Shahriyaran-e-Javan Amphitheater in Tehran.
This is the first meeting after the 6th board of directors election, new directors will be introduced with their duties, while ACI will express its gratitude for the contribution former directors and heads of committees have done during last two years.
Afterwards, the meeting goes on with Leila Esfandyari reporting her last summer’s attempt on Mt. K2, the second highest mountain in the world.

IMZ News Department
December 15, 2010

Arash Mountaineers returned from Kanchenjunga region

Arash mountaineers returned back from reconnaissance mission in eastern Himalayan range around Kanchenjunga region.
They were to look out a new route on SE side of Mt. Kanchenjunga, one of the least climbed faces on 8000ers summits.
"We did a complete reconnaissance of Kanchenjunga from Indian side but attempt from this face is restricted because of local beliefs. Also we had a warm meeting with members of mountaineering Federation of India during this trip. They confirmed that Indian parliament is very decisive to remove restrictions on Kanchenjunga in few years," Kiyoumars Babazadeh stated.
According to Babazadeh, there are several untouched 6000ers summits in Indian part of Himalaya, where Iranian expeditions can prepare themselves for more serious attempts over Himalaya and Karakorum.
Ebrahim Babaei, Husain Ganji, Qolam-Reza Daneshvar and Asadollah Khanlari were the other members of reconnaissance team.

IMZ News Department
December 10, 2010

Mountaineers gathering on 2010 International Mountain Day

Mountaineers from all over the country invited to take part in a gathering to mark 2010 international day at Armenian "Ararat" club in Tehran on December 11th.
"This gathering is held annually by Ararat Club together with Alpine Club of Iran since the birth of International Mountain Day in 2003. Large numbers of mountaineers with various fields of interests over the country participate in this meeting each year, where everything goes around the theme of IMD that year and the year before. For Saturday’s meeting meeting that starts at 6:00 p.m., a few speeches will be given on IMD’s 2010 theme "Mountain Minorities and Indigenous Peoples". Besides, we are going to appreciate the most active person among Iran’s mountaineering society, who has worked seriously on Hazards Management in Mountain Regions, IMD’s 2009 theme," told member of organizer team, Soren Sepanian.
Soren Sepanian and Ara Jahani as Ararat Club delegations and Mohammad Nouri from ACI are the key organizers of this gathering during past 7 years.

IMZ News Department
December 8, 2010

Abbas Sabetian elected ACI’s new president

After the election held on November 21st to choose a new board of directors for the Alpine Club of Iran, Abbas Sabetian was chosen as ACI’s new president for a period of two years.
New directors came together on Sunday, December 5th to decide about each member’s duty. Thus, Fatemeh Habibi was elected vice president, Erfan fekri as ACI’s secretary, Latifeh Boqrat as the bursar and Mohammad-Taqi Bahrevar as training committee head.
According to ACI, members of 6th board also decided about a new committee to plan club’s long term policies. This new committee will be managed by Abolfazl Javadi.

IMZ News Department
December 8, 2010

A large team of women climbers on Mt. Koloun-Bastak

Women’s department at Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran executed the third all-women attempt on Mt. Koloun-Bastak, December 3.
"Forty women were teamed up from 17 clubs of Tehran province to attempt on Mt. Koloun-Bastak via its south ridge. We were led by Masoumeh Faryar, who has recently come back from an attempt on Mt. Nun in Indian side of Himalaya. After a couple of hours, the team divided into two groups. Advanced group with 29 members got to the summit at around 14:00, while the second team preferred not to go further up," head of women’s department, Maryam Norouzi reported.
Koloun-Bastak is located near Dizin ski resort in less than hundred kilometers north of Tehran. The south route starts from 3400 m and climbers could get to the summit very soon. So that a short training course about winter mountaineering had been assumed to be hold after the summit. "South route was shockingly bare of snow and also there was not enough time to spend for such training matters. Therefore we decided to call it off," Mrs. Norouzi said.

IMZ News Department
December 6, 2010

Iranians called for two ice climbing events in Europe

Iranian climbers were invited to take part in 21st Ecrins Ice Climbing Festival as well as an international gathering of ice climbers in Slovenia during the second half of January, 2011.
"Ecrins Festival has been organized annually during the beginning of Christian new year by French Alpine Club at Ecrins national park in SE side of France since 1990. For 21st festival that will be on from January 13th for four days, the Alpine Club of Iran has been invited to send its delegation team like last three years," ACI’s new president, Abbas Sabetian continued, "Also we have received an invitation for ice climbing in Slovenia from January 16th to 23rd, which will be organized by Slovenian well-known alpinist, Marko Prezelj along with a few members of the Alpine Club of Britain."
According to Abbas, ice climbing enthusiasts over the country should submit their resume to ACI’s office in Tehran until December 8th.

IMZ News Department
December 4, 2010

IMZ pavilion in 3rd "Kouhestan" Festival

"Iran Mountain Zone" will take part in the 3rd "Kouhestan" festival which will be kicked off today, November 1st to mark the International Mountain Day 2010.
It is our pleasure to invite mountain lovers to overview part of IMZ’s experience in promoting sustainable development over mountain regions of the country at "Kouhetsan" Exhibition next to "Darabad" natural history museum. The exhibition will go on from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day till November 3rd.

IMZ News Department
December 1, 2010

"Kouhestan" festival to celebrate International Mountain Day 2010

Tehran municipality will join the International Mountain Day 2010 with "Kouhestan" festival from December 1st to 3rd at "Darabad" natural history museum.
"As well as last two years, "Kouhestan" festival is a place for mountain enthusiasts all over Tehran metropolis, who has great opportunities to do every aspect of mountain sports through Tochal Massif. So we take advantage of this gathering to insist on mountains importance and their affects on human being and life. Besides, there will be a small exhibition, where 29 governmental and nongovernmental organizations show their experiences about mountain sustainable development over Iran’s Mountainous," said festival’s secretary, Maryam Abbas-Nejad.
The theme for the International Mountain Day 2010 is "Mountain Minorities and Indigenous Peoples", but unfortunately "Indigenous Peoples" makes no sense anymore over Tochal massif due to irregular expansion of urbanism in Tehran.

IMZ News Department
November 27, 2010

Iranian climbers on Ama Dablam summit

Iranian climbers, Amir Hajar-Zarrin and Hamid Safar-Zadeh reached Ama Dablam summit from SW ridge at 2:30 p.m. local time on November 21st.
"Back from a trek to Everest BC, the two Iranian climbers arrived at Ama Dablam BC on November 17th. Amir and Hamid set off toward the higher camps on November 19th along with a Sherpa and arrived C2 at 6000m on SW ridge after one night acclimatization in C1," expedition contact, Reza Zarei told IMZ News, "due to weather forecasts, they decided to ignore staying at C3, so that final assault toward the summit (6812 m) started directly from C2 at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 21st. After 12 hours, Iranian climbers reached Ama Dablam summit without their Sherpa, who had denied ascending higher than 6400 m somewhere near C3."
Getting back to C3 the night after the summit, all three climbers safely arrived at BC yesterday.

IMZ News Department
November 24, 2010

Mountaineering clubs of Tehran coordinated for the 5th NPMH

Delegation from 22 mountaineering clubs of Tehran province gathered on November 22nd to discuss the 5th "Notification & Prevention from Mountain Hazards (NPMH)" plan.
"This plan will be executed on Tochal Massif from the beginning of coming winter till middle of next spring to notify trekkers of mountain hazards during cold seasons. In order to collect personnel, we set a 10 day deadline for clubs of Tehran to introduce as much as representatives they want. Then these personnel will undergo training courses to become ready for notification services on four different routes on Tochal Mountain, which are more attractive for trekkers," told head of Tehran Mountaineering Council, Kaveh Kashefi.

IMZ News Department
November 23, 2010

Result of ACI’s Board of Directors election

Board of Directors election at Alpine Club of Iran was executed meanwhile the 11th general assembly yesterday, November 21st.
Sunday’s meeting saw more participants than usual monthly meetings of Alpine Club. In the beginning, each committee gave a brief review of their works during last year. Afterwards, election started with ACI marked ballots distributed among approved members of alpine club to elect members of Board of Directors and also ACI’s prime warden.
A breath taking vote counting process passed for all and final result came in with Abbas Sabetian, Abolfazl Javadi, Afshin Yousefi, Erfan Fekri, Mohammd-Taqi Bahrevar, Fatemeh Boqrat and Latifeh Zand Habibi elected to ACI’s Board of Directors among 11 candidates.
Besides, Reza Mirzaei got more votes than his opponent and took the position of prime warden.
These new directors along with prime warden oversee activities of Alpine Club of Iran for next two years.

IMZ News Department
November 22, 2010

Safety commission established in MSCCT

Safety commission of Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran has been established recently to provide outdoor enthusiasts with essential trainings to prevent mountain hazards.
The idea was first proposed by Abdollah Ashtari, president of Mountain Environment Protection society after the massive avalanche that hit 8 mountaineers in Alborz Range last February. Since then, several meetings have been held to think out an appropriate training strategy for outdoor enthusiasts to minimize sad events during their activities especially at mountain areas.
This commission has been officially approved by MSCCT on November 15th.

IMZ News Department
November 21, 2010

ACI’s 6th Board of Directors election on November 21st

ACI’s 6th Board of Directors election will be held tomorrow, November 21st, while 11th general assembly of Alpine Club of Iran is going at Sahriyaran-e-Javan saloon, Tehran.
"Board of directors has 7 positions with voting right and also a warden, who just controls their performance. Moreover, 2 reserve members and one reserve warden are elected as well," told Abbas Sabetian, ACI’s Public affairs organizer.
According to Abbas, he himself accompanied by Abolfazl Javadi, Erfan Fekri, Mohammad-Reza Mohammad-Pour, Ali Tavakoli, Leila Esfandyari, Fatemeh Zand Habibi and Latifeh Boqrat are among the candidates, whereas nomination period is open till the beginning of election at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow.

IMZ News Department
November 20, 2010

NPMH to be launched for snowy seasons of Tochal Mountains

The plan "Notification & Prevention of Mountain Hazards" will run in a vast area over southern side of Tochal Mountains from December 2010 to May 2011 by Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran.
"A gathering will be held hereof on November 22nd, where MSCCT’s executive board along with representatives of mountaineering clubs are going to consult on various matters subjected to NPMH implementation this winter," Kaveh Kashefi, MSCCT’s president told IMZ News.
NPMH executed more seriously during snowy seasons, while approximately 200 well-trained personnel give notices about essentials of winter mountaineering over trekking routes on northern chain of Tehran metropolis. In the other half of the year, NPMH is just carried out along "Dar-Band" route, the main way toward "Tochal" summit.

IMZ News Department
November 17, 2010

Tehran’s women called for an attempt on Mt. Koloun Bastak

Women’s department at Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran invited female members of all alpine clubs over Tehran province for an all-woman attempt toward Koloun Bastak summit at 4200 m on December 3rd.
"Proposed in February 2010 by a group of women instructors of Tehran, these expeditions have started last June, while two 4000er summits of "Kahar" and "Azad-Kouh" in Alborz range have been topped since then, each with more than 30 women. Such expeditions, where women do all jobs from leadership to supplying provisions help them increasing their self confidence to achieve more considerable goals," said Women’s department head, Maryam Norouzi.
At the end of call, Norouzi told IMZ News about a short Snow & Ice training course organized for December’s attempt.

IMZ News Department
November 10, 2010

Arash Mountaineers to make reconnaissance of Kanchenjunga SE side

Arash Mountaineers Club has set to planning for a new route on Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak in the world at 8586m, although their new route on SW side of Broad Peak (12th 8000er) is still unfinished at 7050m.
On November 7, a group of six veteran members of Arash Club left Tehran toward New Delhi. They will join a few experienced Indian mountaineers to seek out a new route on SE side of Kanchenjunga.
"To my opinion, Reconnaissance of Kanchenjunga from its SE side needs three separate groups. One group to explore any possible approaches from south summit to the main while two other teams should focus on middle and west summits to find a proper route up the mountain," told kiyumars Babazedeh.
According to kiyumars, who was the leader of broad peak SW expedition last year, Kanchenjunga is a secondary target for Arash Mountaineers. Before that, they will return back to Karakoram next summer to accomplish the SW route which abandoned at 7050 in august 2009.
Kiyumars Babazadeh, Ebrahim Babaei, Qolam-Reza Daneshvar, Husain Ganji, Alireza Qorbani, Husain Sharifi and Asadollah Khanlari are members of this reconnaissance team.

IMZ News Department
November 9, 2010

ACI’s 2010 General Assembly to be held on November 21st

The annual general assembly of Alpine Club of Iran will be held on November 21st at "Shahriyaran-e-Javan" saloon in Nejatollahi Avenue, Tehran.
In the beginning, ACI’s board of directors will present their performance since November, 2009. Then, fellow members of the ACI elect new board of directors among self-declared candidates.
This is the 11th time to elect ACI’s board of directors since its birth in 1999 and deadline for submitting candidatures is November 11th.

IMZ News Department
November 7, 2010

Tehran’s 2010 expeditions called for a meeting

Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran called Tehran’s 2010 expeditions in Himalaya, Karakoram and Pamir mountains for a meeting on Monday, November 8th.
"This meeting is mainly dedicated to reporting on Tehran’s women and men expeditions, who summited Mt. Nun in Indian part of Himalaya last August. Besides, a short reminiscence of the late Mohammad Davoudi, Iranian summiteer of Mt. Kun next to Mt. Nun in 1989 will be presented. Then, we plan to revere a Tehrani veteran for his many years services to mountaineering," said MSCCT’s president, Kaveh Kashefi.
Also, MSCCT is going to appreciate Tehran mountaineers 2010 expeditions on K2, Dhaulagiri, Korzhenevski, Lenin, Mustagh-Ata, Noshaq and Baruntse.

Meeting address: Negin-e-Qarb arena, Tamin sport complex, Jeyhoon Ave., Azadi St., Tehran.

IMZ News Department
November 4, 2010

A gathering to celebrate end of outdoor rock climbing season

A pile of climbers in Tehran are going to celebrate end of outdoor rock climbing season on Thursday, November 4th at Band-e-Yakhchal climbing resort, north side of Tehran.
This meeting will start at 4:00 p.m. in "Band-e-Yakhchal", the most attractive spot for rock climbing near Tehran, which sees more than 100 climbers each weekend during warm seasons.It will last till Friday.
This sort of meetings established among Tehran climbers in 1991 and terminated after three years. Now, it is going to restore after 16 years by a few veterans.
Everyone is welcomed to the meeting.

IMZ News Department
November 1, 2010

Final results of IFSC’s lead climbing world cup in men’s category

IFSC’s lead world cup brought to the end on October 30th, where Iranian climbers took 18th and 20th places among 25 men leaders from 11 countries around the world.
Men’s lead saw climbers from Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, Czech Republic, South Korea, Russia, China, Taiwan and Iran. Finally, Iranian Qolam-Ali Barat-Zadeh and Davoud Rekabi placed 18th and 20th, whereas Austrian Jakob Schubert won the competition in presence of his famous country-man David Lama.
The final team result that has been published by IFSC indicates that Iran’s national team comprised of 5 men has 4th position in speed ranking and 12th in lead.

IMZ News Department
October 31, 2010

Iranian speed climber placed 4th in IFSC climbing world cup

Iranian Mohsen Mohammadi-Nejad placed fourth among 20 men entrants from 7 countries in speed competition of IFSC climbing world cup on October 29th.
According to IFSC’s official website, Mohsen lost bronze medal because of a mistake resulted to his fall in final race with Russian Evgeny Vaytsekhovsky, though he had accomplished semi-final route 47 seconds faster than Evgeny. The hottest event in men’s speed final round was a new record that was set by Chinese Zhong Qixin. Then he followed by Czech Libor Hroza.
Hamid Reza Touzande-jani and Omid Sheikh Bahaei were the other Iranian climbers taking part in speed competition. They gained 13th and 16th positions in final ranking.
Omid and Mohsen were the 2nd and 3rd winners of men’s speed at Asian Continental Championship in China last September.

IMZ News Department
October 31, 2010

Baruntse summit push called off at 7050 m

Iranian Baruntse expedition preferred not to proceed more than 7050 meter, where Nepalese Chhewang Nima Sherpa hit to his death by an avalanche last week.
The final assault started from C2 (6450 m) at 5:00 a.m. on October 27th. After almost 7 hours, advanced group arrived at a large cornice around 7050 m, where Nepalese 19-time Everest summiteers had been avalanched last Sunday. No evidences of fixed line had remained and they should have repaired the route to the summit, which required extra time and had high avalanche risk too. Therefore, summit push called off less than 200 meters to the top and climbers turned back to C1 the night after.
This expedition includes 11 members of Tehran Mountaineers House, who reached BC on October 13th. Now, they are coming back to KTM.

IMZ News Department
October 30, 2010

Iranian Baruntse expedition in C2 on summit push

Iranian expedition reached C2 on SE side of Mt. Baruntse at 6:00 p.m. (Tehran time) this evening, hoping for the summit tomorrow, October 27th.
Leaving 2 team-mates back in BC, 9 members of Tehran Mountaineers House (TMH) arrived in C2 at 6450 m this evening. They will split into two groups, an advanced group starting toward the summit next morning and the remnants will wait in C2.
"Except 150 meters of fixed rope put beneath C1, there were no more difficulties till now, but remaining portion of the SE route looks more challenging," said expedition leader, Mohammad Naderian.
According to weather forecasts, good weather will stay till October 30th.

IMZ News Department
October 26, 2010

Alpine Club of Iran called for 93rd public meeting

Alpine Club of Iran called for 93rd monthly meeting, which is going to be held on Tuesday, October 26th at "Shahriyaran-e-Javan" hall in Nejatollahi Avenue, Tehran.
As usual Abbas Sabetian, ACI’s director of public affairs will review recently happened events in alpinism around the world. Then an Iranian couple will talk about their attempt on Mt. Lenin (7134 m) last summer.
After all, the well-known Araki climbers Abbas Mohammadi and Pejman Zafari are going to present their experience on Alam-Kouh wall last summer. They topped Alam-Kouh summit (4860 m) via "Crystal Fall" route (5.12a, A3).

IMZ News Department
October 25, 2010

Bistoon International Climbing Festival finished

Bistoon International Climbing Festival finished on Thursday night, October 21st while a pile of climbers from Iran and a few European countries convened for the closing ceremony in Kermanshah, west of Iran.
"After 4 days, 11 new multi-pitch routes were established on the limestone wall of Bistoon that goes up 1200 meters vertically into the sky. The most demanding attempt was done by Slovenian climbers, Marko Prezelj and Luca Lindic together with French Manu Pellissier, who climbed 19 pitches with 5.11d (7a) grade in hardest one and trekked the last 100 meter to Bistoon summit at 2600 m. Along with new route attempts, numerous ascents were done on pre-established routes, where climbers repaired old anchor systems to improve safety. Moreover, skydivers heated up festival’s atmosphere with B.A.S.E jumps and paragliding showoffs every day," said Ebrahim Notash, Iranian member of organizer team.
Besides, lack of interactions between Iranian and European climbers, which was supposed as one of the main scopes of this festival, was its main defect.
"Foreigners had been accommodated in a renewed ancient inn near Bistoon wall and domestic participants were an hour farther. This imbalance along with language problems among attendees shadowed festival’s efficiency," Ebrahim Notash added.

IMZ News Department
October 24, 2010

Bouldering competition held to honor the late Esmaeel

A bouldering competition among 52 men climbers from 12 different provinces of the country was held today, October 22nd at Davoudi gym in Tehran to honor the late Esmaeel Motehayer-Pasand.
"Qualification round started at 10:00 a.m. comprising 5 different problems in a difficulty range from 5.10d to 5.12d. Afterwards, 6 climbers entered final round with four new problems between 5.12b and 5.13b. Surprisingly, no one managed to top all the problems, "said gym manager, Mohammad Tabibi, "At last, Amir Nouri from Markazi province won and followed by Husain Sadeqi from Tehran and A.Reza Solgi from Hamedan."

IMZ News Department
October 22, 2010

Two new routes completely established on Bistoon wall

Climbers’ attempt to open new routes on Bistoon wall has yet resulted in two multi-pitch routes on the lower third of the wall.
"There were two Iranian and French teams working together on right side of the wall. French team was comprised of Francois Bernard and Antoine Cayrol, while Iranian rope-mates were Masoud Zeynali and Ali Karimi. They climbed 7 pitches (Approximately 350 m) as hard as 5.10d and named it "Masoud-Ali"," Notash continued, "the other completely established route was outcome of a teamwork by Iranian climbers; Nasim Eshqi, Omid Safi, Omid Amohammadi and Hasan Gerami. They climbed 6 pitches (Approximately 245 m), which has some 5.11b moves. That route was called "Jashnvareh", which means "festival" in English."
"Géraldine Fasnascht performed an exciting jump from the very top of Bistoon wall, which is almost 1200 meter higher than surrounding lands. She dived into the air. Some breathtaking moments passed for all spectators. Some of them were afraid whether she would be able to keep enough distance from the wall, while the others were whispering about a probable parachute failure. Despite, Géraldine’s parachute opened comfortably and after a few maneuvers, she landed smoothly just ten meters from bystanders. She will jump once again on Thursday, October 21st," Ebrahim added.
Afterwards, Mohsen Nikravesh together with Hubert Giot did paragliding from middle of the wall. They also did another flight today, when French Véronique Gasse along with Mohammad.R Naqdi and another man from Kermanshah also took part.

IMZ News Department
October 20, 2010

C2 set on Baruntse, climbers back in BC

Iranian Baruntse expedition reached C2 at on SE ridge (normal route) on Tuesday, October 19th.
Tehran Mountaineers House expedition left BC in the morning on Monday and set up C1 at 6100 meter. For more acclimatization, the following night passed in C1, and then climbers took the trail up hoping to find a proper place for C2. They found it around 6500 m yesterday in the evening.
After staying one night in 6500 m, the climbers have returned back to BC this evening to recover for final assault.

IMZ News Department
October 20 2010

Bistoon Climbing Festival gets more adventurous today

The Swiss female climber, Géraldine Fasnascht is going to make a B.A.S.E jump from the top of Bistoon wall, today October 19th.
"Géraldine’s today jump is a preparation for her main project, which has been planned for Thursday, October 21st. She climbs together with her husband Samuel Beaugey, who is an experienced French climber and a skydiver as well. Due to an injury occurred to him before the festival, Sam prefers not to jump," said Ebrahim Notash.
"Besides, French Hubert Giot along with Iranian Mohsen Nikravesh are planning for paragliding today. Hubert has visited Iran in 2007 along with 3 other GHM members to hold a climbing training course," Ebrahim added.

IMZ News Department
October 19, 2010

Five new routes being opened on Bistoon wall

Five new routes has been partially opened on Iran’s biggest limestone wall in the first working day of Bistoon rock climbing festival.
"Beside a pile of climbers attempting on pre-established routes, today there are five teams working on 5 new routes on the either sides of Bistoon wall. One of them is comprised of 2 French women plus same number of Iranian female climbers. The other includes the Slovenian recipient of 2007 Piolet d’Or, Marko Prezelj and his compatriot Luka Lindic and one French climber, whose routes seems to be very difficult. The remaining new routers are three all-French teams. Among them, Francois Bernard and Antoine Cayrol are well known in our country, because of their last year trip during the 2nd superior rock climbing festival in Semnan province. Francois is the French member of organizer team," told member of organizer team, Ebrahim Notash.
Bistoon is a 1200 meter limestone wall stretched for 9 km in the east side of Kermanshah alongside of a road toward Hamedan city.

IMZ News Department
October 18, 2010

Ramadan climbing cup came to the end

Ebrahim Notash The three-round climbing tournament known as "Ramadan Cup" that has been held every three weeks since August 26th among female climbers of Tehran province finished on Friday, October 15th.
"The third round saw more climbers than last two rounds, where 27 climbers in categories of adults and youth had participated. Youth bouldering started with 6 climbers on four routes, whose difficulty grades differed from 5.10a to 5.11bc. Setareh Shakiba won and followed respectively by Elmira Qorban-Zadeh and Farnaz Davoudi. These climbers were also top climbers in youth lead competition after a breath taking attempt on a route as hard as 5.11b," told competition manager, Nasrin Abdolrahimi.
Adults’ bouldering included a bit more challenging problems than youth’s. Twenty one climbers competed on four new routes that started from 5.10b and hardened up to 5.12a. As same as last two rounds, Solmaz Eshqi showed her superb talent in bouldering and won the first prize. She then followed by Sara Manafi and Elahe Afshar.
Adults lead was held on a route very similar to youth’s except a hold eliminated in crux section, which made it 5.11bc. It ended with mahsa Hokam-Zadeh as the winner and Nasim Eshqi and her sister solmaz as the 2nd and 3rd winners.
The end part of last round was a "Dyno" competition. Masoumeh rajab-ali was the only one among 18 competitors to grab the top hold.
However, at the end of Ramadan Cup, Nasim Eshqi got known as the master of all three rounds.

IMZ News Department
October 17, 2010

Bistoon International climbing festival starts in less than 24 hours

Ebrahim Notash The European climbers are gradually arriving Iran to take part in the biggest international climbing event that have been already held in the country.
"American and British climbers couldn’t get visa, while Italian climbers rejected our invitations. However, 22 French climbers along with 2 climbers from Slovenia and a Swiss female climber are the foreigners in Bistoon among whom, there are seen 6 female climbers," said the Iranian member of organizer team, Ebrahim Notash.
As reported by Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation of Iran, 63 Iranian climbers had filled out festival’s registration forms, where 38 men and 12 women were approved by a group of experts to attend this event. Also, 20 climbers from Kermanshah are coming to Bistoon to give logistic supports.
Bistoon international climbing festival will open at 4:00 p.m. on October 17th. The opening ceremony will be held in the ancient inn near the gigantic limestone wall of Bistoon and will go on with some local traditional costumes.

IMZ News Department
October 16, 2010

Alpine Club of Iran to join the UIAA

The Alpine Club of Iran has requested to be admitted to the UIAA as an associate member without voting rights aiming to interact more with related societies outside the country.
Abbas Mohammadi, ACI’s director told on a call to IMZ News: "We fill out the request form in 2009 and send it to the UIAA. They discussed about our membership in the general assembly that was held in Spain last year. They required more information about us, so the final decision making on the matter was postponed to 2010. Therefore we send required information about ACI’s role in Iran’s mountaineering society and in the last recent weeks ACI’s board of directors have been officially invited to attend the UIAA 2010 general assembly in Italy, where their membership would be discussed seriously."
Alpine Club of Iran has mutual collaborations with French "GHM" since 2007 and recently has taken new steps to cooperate with American Alpine Club. AAC has hosted 9 ACI members for nearly one month last September.

IMZ News Department
October 16, 2010

Iranian Baruntse expedition arrived in BC

The 11-membered expedition from Tehran Mountaineers House reached Baruntse SE base camp at 5440 on Wednesday, October 13th.
They had started trekking on October 5th from Lukla and arrived in south-east BC at 11:30 a.m., October 13th. This expedition is a tribute to the late "Ebrahim Sheikhi", TMH’s veteran member, who died in June 2008 after a heart attack in a long trekking through middle Alborz range.

IMZ News Department
October 14, 2010

4th biennial of mountaineering accounts: Submission deadline extended

The Alpine Club of Iran extended the submission deadline of 4th biennial of mountaineering accounts till the end of October 14th.
"During the few recent days, we received comparable amount of written accounts and videos to the last few months so that executive board decided to extend the submission deadline a few days more," said festival’s secretary, Kaveh Ashkeshi.
To the last statistics, almost 30 films and written logs have been sent to alpine club of Iran on the topics of mountaineering inside and outside the country, mountain rescue, mountain environment and also a few accounts subjected to Iran’s died climbers.

IMZ News Department
October 13, 2010

Sport climbing community to honor the late Esmaeel Motehayer-Pasand

Sport climbing community is going to honor the late Esmaeel Motehayer-Pasand with a bouldering competition on Friday, October 22nd.
The competition will be held at Davoudi climbing gym in Tehran. It is a two-round open completion just in men’s category, where climbers from all over the country could take part.

IMZ News Department
October 10, 2010

2010 Asian Youth Climbing Championship called off

IFSC’s executive meeting during climbing world cup in Belgium decided to cancel 2010 Asian Youth Climbing Championship that has been assumed to be held in Iran from 26th to 28th of October 2010.
According to Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation of Iran, after the initial registration deadline there were just three teams submitted their forms; Kazakhstan, China and Hong Kong. So that IFSC executives decided to postpone the championship due to insufficient number of registered team.
It was almost end of October 2009 during the annual commission meeting of IFSC in Barcelona that Iran elected to host 2010 Asian Youth Climbing Championship.

IMZ News Department
October 9, 2010

Bistoon International Climbing Festival to be open in 10 days

Just 10 days before Bistoon (Bisotun) international climbing festival opening, the executives are concerning with visa processing procedure for American and Britain climbers.
"Everything has gone well till now. Bistoon has been prepared for a biggest international climbing event ever in Iran. Nearly 70 domestic climbers and 26 climbers from France, Switzerland and Slovenia have confirmed their attendance. Now, we are just waiting for two Italians to receive their agreement coming Iran and a few American and Britain climbers to be validated to enter our country. The US big wall climbing star, Mark Wilford is also seen among the American team," said Iranian head of organizer team, Ebrahim Notash.
The opening ceremony of this Festival will be held on Sunday, October 17th in an ancient inn at the foot of Bistoon limestone wall, 30 km east of Kermanshah. Afterwards, attendees have 4-day opportunity to do every sort of climbing on the wall. Also on October 21st, a French-Swiss couple is going to do BASE jump from the top of 1200-meter Bistoon wall.
This festival was suggested by French GHM organization last year, while their delegations were on a 2-week visit to Iran during Iran’s 2nd superior rock climbing festival. Since then, Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation of Iran along with Alpine Club of Iran and Iran’s cultural heritage organization has cooperated to hold the festival as well as it should be.

IMZ News Department
October 6, 2010

"Rising to Damavand’s top in a Glance" photo exhibition

Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation of Iran will open a photo exhibition on the theme of Mt. Damavand on October 5th at Shahid-Qandi Hall in Shari’ati St. of Tehran.
"The exhibition includes 40 commended images out of 290 ones, which had been submitted to a festival called "Rising to Damavand’s Top in a Glance". These photos are subjected to Damavand’s glory as the highest point in Iran, landscapes around Damavand, winter ascents on the mountain and Damavand’s environments," MSCFI’s official website reported.
This exhibition is open to everyone from 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M every day till October 8th.

IMZ News Department
October 3, 2010

Members of Tehran Mountaineers House to attempt on Mt. Baruntse

TMH's team leaving Iran An 11-member expedition from Tehran Mountaineers House (TMH) left Tehran toward Katmandu for an attempt on 7129-meter Mt. Baruntse, in eastern Nepal.
"This expedition includes 4 women and 7 men, who have been picked up among 20 entrants after 8 preparation camps around the country. They are led by Mohammad Naderian, who is well-known for his membership in Tehran expeditions to GII (2009) and Mt. Nun (2010) and also in Iran’s national expedition to Mt. Dhaulagiri last spring," said TMH’s head director, Mahmoud M.Nouri.
Mohammad Naderian, Habib Najafi-Pour, Abbas Ranjbari, Ashkan Eftekhari, Keyvan Tata-Pour, Bijan Lotfi, Nader Rahimi, Fereshteh Khademi-Talab, Fatemeh Jan-Bozorgi, Maryam Sajedi-Nia and Mahsa Moti’ei will put their efforts together to summit Mt. Baruntse via the normal route.
Having been established in 1979, TMH is one of the most active outdoor clubs in Tehran.

IMZ News Department
October 3, 2010

A ceremony to recall the Late Esmaeel Motehayer-Pasand

Arash Mountaineers Club held a ceremony to recall Iran’s progressive climber Esmaeel Motehayer-Pasand, who died of heart stroke during a climbing course almost three months ago.
The ceremony began at 6:00 p.m. on September 29th and last for 2 hours, while Esmaeel’s co-climbers recalled their friendship stories during approximately 2 decades climbing. Also a short movie was shown in his memorial that had been produced by Iranian mountain film director, Reza Nezam-Doust.
As a member of Arash mountaineers Club, Esmaeel was famous for his experiences in big wall climbing over the country. He died at age 42.

IMZ News Department
September 30, 2010

Statute of Tehran climbing league will be made

The consultation meeting about Tehran climbing league resulted in election of a 5-member group among sport climbing experts over Tehran province to make league’s statute. "The consultation meeting started at 6:00 p.m. on Sep. 20th and lasted for three hours. Sport climbing experts from 13 clubs of Tehran along with MSCFI’s sport climbing committee manager were there to talk about the procedure according to which climbing league could be established over Tehran province. Eventually, it was decided to elect a 5-member board among 8 candidates to establish leagues policies and objectives," said head of Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Council of Tehran, Kaveh Kashefi.
Mahmoud Iravani, Artimes Farshad-Yeganeh, Siamak Shayan-Pour, Ali Akbar-Zadeh and Parviz Rohani are the elected people, who will be assisted by Kaveh Kashefi and MSCFI’s delegation, Mehdi Davarpour.

IMZ News Department
September 23, 2010

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